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Brokencyde - Schizophrenia!!!

...One Two, alright
like this...

ONE! TWO! We're coming for you. THREE! FOUR! Lock your door.
FIVE! SIX! Suck on my dick.


And I and I and I and I can feel the needle break, up inside of my veins. They try to tell me I'm insane, but they made me that way. So come and take me away, from this monster that you've made of me. I feel like dying, erasing all of these memories…

I'm trapped inside this cage tonight! You torture my brain with blades and knifes! I need you to try to save my life! BEFORE I GO INSANE! (x2)

Chorus (x2)

In 7 days my schizophrenia breaks my brain cavity waves, distorted, decayed! These faces of insane originated this pain, and invented these demented ways to break me! Intoxicated, I'm faded inside my dreams. Motivated on defeating these haters in everything. It's the only thing that keeps me alive. It keeps me away from all of your mother fucking lies!!!

Bridge (x2)

Chorus (x2)

I feel my nails rip my flesh; I feel I've gone insane. I never wanted to hurt you, but you made me this way. So now I know I'm crazy, I feel there's no more pain. These voices call out to me, they're screaming out my name.

Chorus (x4)
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