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Miffy's Simplicity

sit and wait until that moment arrives
i'm so excited that i tingle inside
she picks me up in that long white car
we go a-camping and we count all the stars

she drives a cammy and it's wired for sound
it purrs so sweetly when she puts her foot down
out to the country where the air if fresh
just to be with her is just what i like best

i see her pale skin shine in the sun
she's got her 15+ sunblocker on
i can tell you that our love will be strong
after the boys of noise have gone

we're always planning about running away
so we can be together every day
when she's not here i don't know how i survive
i hurt myself cos i forget i'm alive

we run and hide from all the other boys
and sit in parks with educational toys
we sit and sip hot water and milk
and talk about how all the blood got spilt

we like to lie in bed and watch tv
and gasp in awe at miffy's simplicity
and when the rest is all said and done


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