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Jessica Simpson

For Your Love

Jessica Simpson - For Your Love

You are every part of me
And with every breath I take
Your love will light my way
And for every day I live
The promise that I made
Is I will never let you go babe

I swear I never knew love like this before
And for everything you are
I gotta make you know
For your love

And I'd give anything for your love
'Cause baby I'd never make it alone
And forever I'll stand by your side
I just gotta make you see yeah
I only live... for your love
When I was running out of faith
You still believed in me
And never let me fall
And the times I lost my way
You're the one who held me up
And brought me through it all

I swear I never saw it like this before
'Cause baby with your love you gave me
The reason to go on
And for your love


And everything I am
And all that I could be
Would mean nothing now
If you're not with me
Shinin' your light on me
When night is closen' in
When I was weak
You were the one who made me strong
you gave me faith to carry on