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DJ Drama

My Weezy (feat. Lil Wayne, Shanell, Lil Twist & Tyga)

DJ Drama - My Weezy (feat. Lil Wayne, Shanell, Lil Twist & Tyga)

[DJ Drama]
Young Money all stars on the way
Put the party in the bag now hand it over

[Lil Wayne]
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
See I ain't know you were gunna do this one
Ight, Now you motherfuckers happy huh?
That's what y'all you been wantin' huh?
Okay, Okay
Go ahead Drama

[DJ Drama]
See I don't wanna be the Mixtape king no more
More like the Mixtape President
Barack O'Drama!
It was definitely time for change
I mean the game been dry
So, I figured we going for re-election
So, Me and Wayne gon' keep runnin'
So y'all niggas can fly

[Lil Wayne]
This a Big E beat
And i'm a cook this bitch like piggy meat
You can get pork chopped
Young money bitch let the champagne cork pop
I will bat your man, now go tell her short stop
Okay bitch you do the wop
While bitch I do the gwop
Okay man you do the drop
Well man I do the yacht
You pull up in parking lots
I pull up at the dock like yeah...
Macaroni, greens and hamhocks
I am not on your planet like Dr. Spock
To my own tune, lil tune
My stomach hurt and my shit is droppin real soon
Kill whom and whoever for whatever
That barrel longer than a word with 10 letters
Now you spell it
I say young money bitch forever
And we better than all these mutha fuckas up in this era
Know'm talkin bout?
I tell my niggas pick the target out
And then I quickly pick the target off
Like volleyball, I'm a serve em
And being fake is pussy so nigga, I'm a virgin
Dr. Carter, Tell them bitches I'm a surgeon
Cleaner than some brand new detergent
Ya heard me?
And I make ya bitch get on the plane with that Fergie
Tell em get on (Birdman Jr.'s Birdy)

I love the skin that I'm in
Goose pimples couldn't shake me up out of the Y.M
That Yack,
That Goose,
That Tron,
That Gin
Got a couple girls crackin'
Let the party begin
I heard you call your self a baller when the cameras on
If it ain't trickin' cuz you got it
What you trippin' on?
See, I'm a spoiled chick
You frontin' niggas hatin' me up with
But my crew holdin' duffle bags bitches

[Lil Twist]
Rockin on the scene
And yeah I hear "My Dougie"
I D-Town boogy
Now the girls really love me
V.I.C. to Vic
Yeah, They both got silly
Lil Twist, I get silly
I'm the king of the city
Young Money, Young Mullah
Yeah, The kid in this thang
Grown men in this game
Can't compete with me mayne
When I pull up in that candy range
(24's on that thang sittin' next to Lil Wayne)
I'm a beast
I'm a dog
Yeah, Yeah I rap harder
Mic in my hand
I run like Marion Barber
You haters on the sidelines
And I be a starter
Going Bad on you kids like I'm Reginae Carter
That's my little sister if you boys didn't know
That's Weezy's daughter
(So don't mess with her bro!)
Cuz we'll come find you in all kinds of cars
Signin' out
Young Money, D-town's All Star

Its Tyga
No lion
I'm eating
No Diner
This species
Don't diet
Every milla fish Friday
I'm Squad deep
Like them white guy from Verizon
Gator righteous
So its only right you meet the fugitive
John Mcgiver
School cyhphers
I was too nicer
Than them no liscence,
You gets no high-fivin'
Nigga, Roll the damn dices
My word play,
2 shades from the color gray
My kick game so unreal
They say them colors must be fake
Never been made
MTV, I make
Quake your very eyesight
My fame's no mistake
Since the deal
Steak dinner everyday
For the movie
My life is like a Compton Play
You can see it
Nearly breathe it
From a couple feet away
But stay away
Cuz I don't
Get along
With them tag-along
Let me
Get on a song
Period gone
I'm off the hook like cordless phones
My identity so right
They think its wrong
G.E.D. Young Money
Finish strong, so I'm a keep goin'
My ligaments covered in green like general symbols on my face
Like my skin was leather made
Leatherman Louis
You ain't never seen
Like a nun booty
None before me
Its only boys
Tyga man
I do it for the hatin' homies

[DJ Drama]
Shout to Hollygrove
Shout to the A-town
304 wassup!
Shout to Harlem
Philly wassup!
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