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Cannibal Corpse

Born In A Casket

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Cannibal Corpse - Born In A Casket

(3:17)(Lyrics by Chris)
Enter the crypts of hell, to impregnate the dead
Fresh burial sight, my hunger grows tonight
Undying lust for cadaverous molestation
Sights of death building my sensations
Ferocious need for decomposing bodies

Sex with the dead now I must breed
Within the stiff corpse planting my seed
The taste of formaldehyde, smell of the rot
Suck out the goo, feast on her crotch

Raging fires of hell, burning through my soul
My love for a dead fuck, I cannot control
The child soon will rise, all evil will survive
Birth through death

The newborn needs a feast, its mother is the meal
Chomping on her flesh, his teeth tearing her skin
I love to fuck the dead, demons in my head
Tearing at my brain

Bleeding sores beginning to stench
While you lick the festering stump
Green infection discharging pus
Devour the putrid afterbirth

Sex with the dead now I must breed
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