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Boyce Avenue


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Boyce Avenue - Tonight

The cars pass by outside
From one sign to the next
She tries to listen, tries to care,
Pretending he knows best

She’s afraid of what she’s done
Not knowing what it is,
She prays for something, prays for his sins,
Someday she’ll find rest

But the time is never right,
No it’s never right,
To step outside her life
To find what’s been lost
She’ll sleep on it tonight

A voice she left behind,
Tells her that there’s time
She bears the burden, blames her own sin
Hopes she’ll change her mind

The pain that never hides,
A reflection from inside
She conceals the message, buries her head,
Tells herself she’s fine

But her eyes, they say goodbye
No, they never lie
The windows to her life
To find, what’s been lost,
She’ll sleep on it tonight

She feels alive without a reason
Love, pain, tonight, she finally listens
She comes alive, without a reason
Love, faith, tonight, she finally listens
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