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Bomfunk MC's

Live Your Life

Bomfunk MC's - Live Your Life

You gotta live your life,
(Dropping the bomb!)
You gotta learn to live
(dropping the bomb!)

Life can kill you, it's written on you
But who is writin' struck by lightning
Pop you gone changed, who planned it
What planet? I thought I had it, damn it
Amazing craze lost in a speed chase
My mind is a blur, foxy ladies fake like the fur
Words occur, reporters need more germs for terms
To sell well and excellence is just an expense
For what it's worth, it makes no sense
Living a lie under magnifying lens
It gets intense, so you promise yourself
Not to hate it but fade it 'cause it really could be devastated
Re-evaluated, it's a game and you play it
You can say what you will but it always will be speculated
Turned around so the truths not found
Instead of your story it's a new compound

You gotta live your life,
You got to find your own way
You gotta learn to live,
And make your own decisions
You gotta live your life ,
That is how the story goes
You gotta learn to give,
Life is hard we all know

Spill your guts out, heard you talking 'bout
The way we changed 'cause we got some money now
Burning bridges, fuckin' bitches
So much snii that my nose is uplifted
Rumors going around talk of the whole town
Strange peeps comin' up you better slowdown
It gets weird, so watch yourself
Evil lurks within, it might take your health
I've seen men twice as tough come and go
No hard shoulder, just the elbow
The mental state of slave,
Camouflaged in a gansta teenage behave
Hold it, wait no need to go that route, doubt
What you on about, singing blues on a crossroads
Get it together, it's all in your mind
Live the life and you will find

[Chorus: x2]