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Babylon Sad

Pictures Of Paradise

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Babylon Sad - Pictures Of Paradise

Personal power shall ever be mine
My soul is eye and eye is my mind
Evenity has never existed
You simply want to have it

The only solution's the struggle against my aims
And struggling without aim is weak
Or so it is written

Profusion I love

Thy will - shall be your end
Replace - replace the truth
Become yourself - in a land
Where no one dares to take command

Pictures of paradise were made to demise
Ideas faded away as roses lost their pedals

A human to be...
There's for sure no sense to see
Is this the reason for me
That I always want to flee

Walking in vain...
Beeing insane, trapped in mental chain
Starting to feed your own pain

Confusion I love

My god has sent some light
To destroy all their sight
That's the war I do fight
So my might is burning bright

Pictures of paradise are made to demise
Ideas fade away as roses lost their pedals

People that weep, want them to bleed
Just to feed my inner need

Rape, maim, kill, flowers of no will
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Добавлена: 8 декабря 2017