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Ancient Rites

Total Misanthropia

Ancient Rites - Total Misanthropia

"At Certain Moments in Life a feeling of extreme Hate can take over Soul and Body,
Adrealine and Anger can be turned into Power.
Oh so Many would like to see us Fail, our Answer to them and humanity in general."

Take the blood, take the blood
Of my enemies
Total hate
I want them to die
Total misanthropia
Who needs weak flesh or family
Total misanthropia
Say whatever you want
Meant for me to hear
Hate is the only thing I feel
Destruction follows everywhere
Total misanthropia
I don't need this love
Bloodshed eternally
I don't understand (love)
I don't want your love
Only Darkness and Hate!
Total misantropia!
If I had only more time (to)
Kill! Slaughter! Destroy!
The beauty of the Pain
Destruction of the human race